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Contact Info

Full Name: Huynh Minh Tu

Date of Birth: July 2nd, 1997

Home Address: Quang Trung St., Go Vap Dt., HCMC

Telephone: +84****70446



Career summary

I’m a software engineer guy with over 1 year of experience in web development, with a decent knowledge of Object-Oriented Programming, Clean Code, Web Architecture, Single Page Application, Functional Programming (small pieces), Microservices Architect.

Learning new languages and technologies is what I am passionate about (usual self-study with online resources. And I also enjoy turning complex problems into simple, beautiful and intuitive interface designs).

I have some Side Projects that I created when I’m free or in order to make something better in life, you can check it at my repositories section or at my Github. I also own a Vietnamese IT blog, love to share my working experience and knowledge with other developers.

Working history

Front-end Engineer at WeVenture PTE Ltd. (MobiClix)

HCMC, May 2018 — Present (13 months)

Working as a front-end engineer with in-house products of an Singapore based company. Build and migrate a new high-performance & scalable entertainment distribute system based on React & Go. Deal with modern web & microservices technologies such as Docker, Kubernetes.

  • Product Description: Mobile/Web entertainment platform (media distribution), help other firms to distribute their products. We are the Netflix of Mobile Entertainment.
  • Define the architecture, coding convention, and setup build system for the whole front-end of the company product ecosystem (includes linter, unit-tests, build scripts).
  • Maintaining legacy system, refactoring code, and re-architecting the monolith service into many micro-services.
  • Team Size: 15+
  • Responsibilities: Meeting with Technical Leader and teammates to get clear requirement. Develop the front-end UI, SDK, frameworks and modules of the eco-system.
  • Accomplishments: Built a clean & scalable code-base for front-end team to develop. Built a Javascript SDK for easy integrate to many code repositories. Integrate big front-end to CI/CD, containerization parts. Applied with back-end Go microservices based.
  • Stack: Go, gRPC, Ruby on Rails, RESTful, MySQL, Redis, Rabbit MQ, Node.js, React, Redux, Webpack, Babel, Server-side Rendering, Vue.js, Vuex, Docker, Kubernetes, ELK Stack, Jenkins, Git.

Internship at FPT Software (FSG INS1)

Da Nang, Dec 2017 — May 2018 (5 months)

Worked as a web developer intern in an offshore project, with Javascript technologies such as Node.js, Hapi.js, React, MySQL. Worked in Project’s Phase 1.

  • Project Description: Develop a Single Page Application to serve in the fin-tech morgage domain (home paying / closing exchange).
  • Team Size: 30+
  • Responsiblities: Communicate with Business Analyst to get clear requirement. Develop and fix the application’s defect base on requirement.
  • Accomplishments: Learned to develop software follow Scrum development process. Learned MERN stack and successfully applied Materialize CSS Framework. Got experience in working/communicate with American customers.
  • Stack: Node.js, Hapi.js, React, Redux, Knex.js, Bookshelf.js, MySQL, Git, Materialize CSS Library.
  • Reviewed by Project Manager with score at 9.2.

The Gioi Di Dong News

HCMC, May 2016 - May 2017 (1 year)

Write & translate (from foreign tech newspapers) technologies & world mobile news.

Total of 134 articles wrote at The Gioi Di Dong News site


Software Engineering, FPT University

HCMC, Sep 2015 - Aug 2019

4-year Bachelor Degree. Not graduated.

Technical skills

Front-end: Javascript, TypeScript, React, Redux, Vue.js, Angular (7), Webpack, Babel, Server-side Rendering

Back-end: SQL, Node.js, Golang, Ruby on Rails, Java (Core/Servlet/Spring), C# (.NET MVC 5)

Other: Agile Scrum, Jira, Asana, Git, Swagger, Postman/Insomnia, Ubuntu, CLIs, Terminal/Bash, Nginx, Firebase, Docker, Docker Compose, Docker Swarm, Jenkins, Cloud Deployment AWS & GCP, Progressive Web App, Redis

Technical Paper

Side Projects (coding as a hobby)

  • Capstone Project - Blockchain based Decentralize Library: Private Blockchain Network for create a Decentralize Library. Progressive Web App based on Vue.js, Backend are Node.js, Go, Redis, MongoDB. Deploy on Docker Swarm with Ansible script, Jenkins, Datadog, Sentry for continous/monitoring.
  • Progressive Web App based on React, Node.js (SSR) and Go (APIs). Helps confession’s admin to deal with large confessions (and brings automation, statictics). Crawls and brings news to end-users. Deployed on Heroku, Netlify with Dockerize, Continous Deployment.
  • E-learning CMS - Moodle clone, e-learning Management System bring high-performance based on Node.js backend & React. (Trying to replace Moodle which is written in PHP with low performance, hard to large scaling)
  • F-House App (iOS app, Android app, Web app: Ohana app clone), all-in-one, cross-platform solution built by React Native, also comes with serverless architecture based on Firebase.
  • Enterprise Shop Enterprise Shopping by Java EE RESTful API and Angular 7. Implemented in mono-repo with Dockerized.
  • FU Quiz in progress… - clone - Built with real-time database (Firebase), and Vue.js, is a in-class Quiz real-time game platform.
  • Blog & Technical Papers: use Gatsby blog engine, I love to share my working experience and knowledge with other developers.